Our web-based program transforms the speech therapy experience for children, parents, and speech language pathologists.

For children and their parents our program enhances the quality of speech therapy by:

  • Providing children with an engaging, fun learning experience;
  • Increasing the effectiveness of speech therapy through an easy to use personalized online theme based speech therapy program that children can use at anytime and anywhere;
  • Empowering parents to assist their children with their speech therapy home program and by providing them with resources to answer questions regarding their childrens' diagnosis, communication strategies, and a personalized treatment program;
  • Strengthening relationships between children, parents, speech language pathologists, classroom teachers, and additional team members by providing them with a better understanding of childrens' needs and a method to assist in their speech therapy home program;
  • Encouraging parents and their children by providing an easily understood and meaningful way to monitor childrens’ progress;
  • Providing a summer program to prevent the reduction in the level of childrens' accomplishments normally seen over the summer; and
  • Providing children with a sense of accomplishment through immediate feedback.

For speech language pathologists we enhance their efficiency through a turnkey, ready to use speech therapy program that provides:

  • a management system that allows speech language pathologists to manage their caseloads in less time;
  • online assessment tools to more efficiently assess the specific needs of each child;
  • immediate, on demand access to online information to more easily explain to parents their children's diagnosis, treatment, and the results they can expect from speech therapy;
  • expand their ability to introduce children to new skills and concepts in engaging ways;
  • reach beyond the classroom by integrating technology into their speech therapy;
  • online monitoring of children's progress between speech therapy visits to enable the speech language pathologists to more quickly recognize and respond to new needs reflected in children's responses reflected in their home program;
  • theme based treatment materials which can be printed in a format for classroom use; and;
  • online forum to discuss challenging casess with other speech language pathologists.