Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, LLC is the leading developer of interactive Internet based speech therapy and phonological awareness. We developed the first, interactive Internet based speech therapy program to leverage the effectiveness of direct speech therapy. Our program enhances the lives of children and their parents through technology. We help children: read; better recognize and process information they hear or see; effectively express themselves; and learn grammar skills. Children find our program engaging and fun.

Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, LLC is committed to providing innovative technology, which excites children about learning and gives them the tools for success, both academically and socially. We exceed the needs of children, speech language pathologists, parents, and the other members of each child’s education team by continually pushing beyond the boundaries of current technology and equipping our partners with the most advanced tools to enhance individual and group speech therapy.

We are committed to be the premier source for enhancing speech therapy by linking speech language pathologists, children, parents and additional team members together through innovative, research based, technology driven products that engage children and motivates them to learn. Our goal is to help each child achieve new heights.

Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, LLC is positioned to revolutionize speech therapy by making on demand supplemental speech therapy accessible to children anywhere and anytime. We represent a new generation in interactive technology that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of children, their families and their speech language pathologists. Our technology dramatically expands the opportunities available to children. We help to fill the gap between the needs of children with speech disorders and the resources available to meet those needs. Our talented team is composed of the brightest speech language pathologists, cutting-edge graphic designers, programmers, and visionaries that clearly see where the future of speech therapy is heading.

We are enthusiastic about: providing customized online speech therapy programs to children; supporting speech language pathologists with the most up to date online treatment and parent information; enabling children to reach their academic goals and improve their quality of life through intensive speech therapy; and providing parents with the tools needed to stay informed and play an active role in their child’s speech therapy program.

We believe that children with learning disabilities can overcome obstacles, reach new heights, and live happy and productive lives when given the tools and strategies to compensate for their disability. Our program puts children on the path to academic success and a lifetime of learning.